How Rekindle Works

As Rekindle is part of a research study examining how we can best address your sexual concerns after cancer. If you consent to participate:

  • After you complete your online survey, you will be randomly placed in  one of three groups:

 1. Rekindle

 2. Rekindle Plus

  o    Rekindle Plus will include 3 telephone support calls in addition to your personalised Rekindle Pathway

 3. Attention Control

    o    If you are assigned to Attention Control, you will gain access to currently available online resources and 10 weeks after you join the study you will gain access to your personal Rekindle Pathway

    o    Please note: The Attention Control group is a vital part of the research project and will provide us insight into how Rekindle has helped and can be improved for future users

  • You will be asked to complete surveys on three occasions during the study:

    o    Upon joining

    o    10-weeks after joining

    o    6 months after joining

  •  You will also be asked to provide their feedback in a brief telephone interview 10 weeks after joining the study


  • Before you join the study, a member of the Rekindle Research Team will call you on the phone to discuss the study, what it involves, and to ensure you are willing to take part
  • If you decide to take part in the study, you will be sent an email with your login information
  • You will then complete the first of three surveys
  • Once you have joined the study, you will be allocated to one of the 3 interventions, and if you are in one of the Rekindle program groups the software will tailor the program and content for you
  • Rekindle will provide you with information to better understand common sexual concerns after cancer and teach you proven strategies to manage them
  • Rekindle will show you video testimonials of individuals who have experienced sexual concerns similar to your own
  • Rekindle is highly interactive and includes several games and activities to get you thinking