December 2, 2023

Helau! Do you already have a costume for the last two days of carnival? Yes? And I have seven unbeatable tips with which your skin is guaranteed not to take offense with the generous carnival make-up. The consumer advice center in North Rhine-Westphalia had a similar idea and published a press release on the subject in February 2015 (unfortunately the link no longer exists) . I took a closer look at them and added my own experiences.

1. Before the carnival make-up: do a skin test

Anyone who uses make-up regularly usually uses the same products and knows that the skin can take it, the make-up does not cause pimples, itching or redness. Carnival make-up usually has a different consistency and – in my experience – also of a less good quality. The skin can like that, but it doesn’t have to. People who are more sensitive to creams or make-up are cautious anyway, but less sensitive people should also test the carnival make-up beforehand. It doesn’t have to be directly in the face, in the crook of your arm is enough. The consumer advice center recommends products on an “aqua”, ie water basis – this has the advantage that they can be easily removed with water. However, the color may not last that long. Children’s make-up falls into the “water-based” category, you don’t always find them in the perfumery or drugstore – I only found them after a long search in the toy store. The range includes different colors in small pots that can be applied and mixed with a brush.

Keyword water-based: The consumer advice center also recommends these products because they would “paste up” the skin and its less than those based on fat, which then cause pimples and blackheads. I believe that the risk of greasy make-up is not so great if you only have it on for a few hours (and only a few times a year!) And then remove it properly.

2. Use natural cosmetics

Understandable if you prefer to avoid cheap products, even in the fifth season. One tip from the consumer advice center is to use certified natural cosmetics straight away – after all, they do not contain any preservatives such as parabens, silicone or paraffin that require declaration. That irritated me at first , I had never seen carnival make-up with a natural cosmetic seal (e.g. BDIH or Natrue ). But there is. At least from DM’s own brand “alverde” – namely the whole range from hair mascara in different colors to a make-up palette. Some beauty blogs have already praised the offer, for example here, here and here.

Keyword natural cosmetics: The manufacturers determine what may and may not be in natural cosmetics. If a product says “no preservatives”, it does not mean that it does not contain any preservatives, only those that must be declared according to the EU Cosmetics Directive.

3. Be careful with allergies

Especially when the make-up was cheap and of poor quality, the skin resents it more quickly. In the best case scenario, it then reacts with pimples, in the worst case with a contact allergy, also known as contact eczema. The part of the skin that came into contact with the allergen becomes inflamed. Itching, pustules, redness and swelling can result. In make-up, for example, fragrances (often imprecisely declared as “perfume”) can be the trigger. If the eyes become infected, it may be due to the rosin in the mascara – an adhesive that ensures that the mascara sticks to the lashes (although many mascaras now do without rosin). The nasty thing about contact allergies: the skin becomes sensitized the first time it comes into contact with the allergen, but the allergy only shows up on the second contact.

If the skin becomes inflamed, itchy or has pustules: Off to the dermatologist!

Keyword ingredients:  The so-called INCI list lists all ingredients of a cosmetic product, you can find them either on the tube or on the packaging, almost all manufacturers publish them on their website. The terms are mostly in Latin, so for laypeople it is often difficult to understand what is behind the long name, so I recommend the INCI database of the portal . The Personal Care and Detergent Industry Association ( ) also provides an overview of contact allergies and fragrances . If you want to know more about contact allergies, read this article with the allergy expert Professor Axel Schnuch from the information network for dermatological clinics (IVDK) at the University of Göttingen.

4. Do not use old make-up

As a child I was incredibly happy to put on make-up for Mardi Gras, or to have my mother put on make-up. She had a huge makeup bag that contained pretty much all of the makeup and makeup she had accumulated since the early 1970s. A paradise. That makes me shudder today. On the one hand, because cosmetics at that time contained quite a few questionable ingredients. On the other hand, because cosmetics don’t last for decades either. Sure, you can probably use the carnival make-up from last year without any problems. But as soon as something looks strange, the fat and water phases have already separated or the whole thing smells strange (e.g. rancid) – away with it!

Keyword shelf life: If the make-up doesn’t come from my mother’s bag, but is clearly more recent, it has either a best-before date or a small open jar printed on it – the number on it indicates how long the product can be used after opening. Usually it’s nine or twelve months. But if nothing smells or looks weird, the make-up is very likely still ok. And lipsticks, for example, last for years. (I’d love to post a photo of this incredible makeup bag, of course, but she ditched it a few years ago …)

5. No make-up without a pad

Just start painting is not! Every make-up professional knows: Make-up needs a base. That means: a good cream that cares for the skin. With strong make-up, for example theater make-up, it can also be a slightly thicker cream than usual. Why all this? Make-up consists of many things, but what they usually do not have on offer are nourishing ingredients for the skin. Moisture, for example. To prevent the make-up from drying out the skin, you should simply rub it in well beforehand.

Keyword moisture : If your skin lacks it, you notice it very quickly. The face is tight and itchy, it may even form small scales, the make-up crumbles. So better take precautions and apply lotion.

6. Never go to bed without removing your make-up

Yes, you can do that with alcohol in your blood, just hold on to the sink. And it doesn’t take long either. Mardi Gras make-up must be removed because you don’t want to have all the color on your pillow. In addition, the skin gets really excited, pimples sprout, the complexion looks pale and you get wrinkles faster. Therefore: Put your make-up on, no matter what the conditions. All you need is a perfectly normal, inexpensive cleansing milk and a two-phase eye make-up remover (my choice). Cleaning cloths do the same, they fit in almost every handbag. Simply spread cleansing milk (or washing gel, soap if necessary) on your face. With a cotton pad or washcloth over it, done. What is left goes away with eye make-up remover. My personal recommendation: two-phase products. They are actually intended for waterproof mascara, but also remove kissable “long-lasting” lipstick and other residues. Consists of an oil and a water phase, please shake before use.

Keyword cleaning: water-based make-up (see point 1) is so easy to remove because it does not contain any grease. But normal make-up does, so you can’t just remove it with water. It needs a liposoluble cleaning. The consumer center recommends cooking oil (!) Or a fatty cream. Cooking oil. Maybe with too much residual alcohol you come up with ideas like this. I say: better not.

7. Pampering instead of fasting

Crazy carnival jesters probably have not only two great days behind them on Ash Wednesday, but a few weeks. A lot of alcohol, little sleep, smoky air = turbo skin aging = wrinkles. That is why the skin does not need a fasting cure, but a real pampering package. Also: drink a lot – of course no alcohol, but water or tea Sleep a lot. In the evening in the bathtub and then in bed.

And at the beginning of March you all look like princesses again.

Keyword pampering package : after the carnival hustle and bustle, bombarding your skin with an armada of masks and serums is rather counterproductive. My favorites are enzyme peeling (leave on for 10 minutes, wash off) and moisturizing mask. I just leave the latter on in the evening, as a night cream substitute, so to speak.

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