December 2, 2023

Do you feel the same? I always find the last days before Christmas Eve to be the most stressful of the whole year. So many projects that have yet to be completed, Christmas parties, parents’ evenings, gifts that are still missing … I need energy! And now I always have them at hand in the form of these delicious balls. You don’t even have to light up the stove!

The delicious chocolate-cherry crispy balls are part 2 of our baking special with Eva Reinstadler – they are definitely vegan and sugar-free, if you like you can still opt for the gluten-free version. The crispy balls have saved me from some afternoon low in the last few days. Here is the recipe:

Chocolate and cherry crispy balls

Superfood snack for more energy 


30 g pumpkin seeds

40 g dark chocolate (at least 70%)

40 g sour cherries (I’ll take a little more next time, then the balls will be more juicy)

125 g almond butter

3 tbsp honey or agave syrup

125 g oat flakes (for the gluten-free variant, simply use gluten-free adhesive flakes)

4 tbsp raw cocoa nibs (these are broken cocoa beans, you can get them in organic markets – you can read more about cocoa nibs at Project Healthy Living )

60 g spelled bran (also available in well-stocked conventional supermarkets)

pinch of salt


Chop the pumpkin seeds, chocolate and sour cherries into small pieces with a knife. You can also quickly throw pumpkin seeds and chocolate into the electric chopper🙂

Mix the almond butter and honey together and mix with the remaining ingredients.

Knead everything well with your hands!

Shape the mixture into small balls with your hands – this works better if the dough is a little more moist, so I would use more cherries next time. Caution: the dough is difficult to roll, it worked best for me to press individual pieces together firmly.

Then put it in the fridge and enjoy it at short intervals. Six-year-olds also taste surprisingly good – or do I only have a six-year-old here with a special preference for superfood?

Get through the last days of Christmas well, don’t let yourself be stressed and remember not to raise your expectations for Christmas too high – that saves energy!

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