December 2, 2023

Not only falls and collisions endanger the health of a skier.

E in unnoticed progressive wear in the joints painful forms may take a few years. Well-developed muscles as well as sports such as swimming, cycling and running stimulate the build-up of cartilage material in joints such as the knee and thus provide the best protection against damage.


Osteoarthritis: Anyone who still suffers from osteoarthritis should try preparations such as collagen hydrolyzate (available in pharmacies as CH-Alpha drinking ampoules, for example). After absorption, it accumulates in the joints and stimulates cells to perform at their best when building cartilage mass. According to a study by the University of Tübingen, osteoarthritis-related pain decreases by more than half within 24 weeks if patients take 10 grams of collagen hydrolyzate every day.


Nothing is lost: In the case of severe joint damage, the cartilage is so badly damaged that it is no longer possible to regenerate it on its own or with preparations. But nobody has to end up being a sports invalid. “The surgical methods are now so good that any kind of winter sport is still possible,” says DSV sports medicine specialist Hocketer.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer snowboarding, cross-country skiing or carving skis. The surgeon even sends patients with artificial joints back to the slopes after the operation. A knee prosthesis has an average shelf life of 16 to 17 years. As long as you avoid icy mogul slopes, the risk of another injury is low.

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